Incinerator Injector 1000kW based on natural gas or GPL

Technical data:
  • Thermal power:1000 [kW];
  • Special injector for incineration;
  • Import from Italy
  • Firebox not included
  • Pressure regulation unit included;
  • Fuel:natural gas or GPL;
  • Installation and first run included ;
  • This installation is producing the hot flame (higher than 1000 Celsius ) which is introduced in Client's firebox for incineration or in Client's heat exchanger;
  • Basic regulation included;

  • The Client's firebox must be prepared with fire and heat resistant materials (resistance greater then 1200 Celsius)

  • Optional materials and services

  • Project for permit request
  • Gas pipe installation
  • Fire resistant brick introduction in firebox
  • Transport installation for smoke from CHARCOAL tower to BOILER
  • Mixing device for smoke and 1200Celsius flame

  • Delivery time for Injector 3days
  • Estimated realization time of project, parallel with permit papers is 30 days if Beneficiary have valid gas supply contract and enough section supply pipe on site and gas quantity measuring device and enough gas quota from gas delivery company
  • Price estimate for optional materials and services is subject of separated offer after further discussion and measuring
  • € 8500